1. Progress shot on my stegosaurus piece.

  3. Getting the new studio space set up 😃

  4. Comic con day 3! Such an amazing experience! With so much incredible art at everyone else’s booths. I’m so thankful for everyone who chose to support my work! Now time to party :) cheers!

  5. Salt lake comic con day 3! My booth is under the big blue sign :)

  6. Day 2 of Salt Lake Comic con was amazing! So much love 😍 Thanks to everyone who visited my booth and supported my work!

  7. ⚡️Salt lake comic con day 2! Come out and check out all my new t-shirts! My booth is in the middle of the artist alley section :) (at Salt Palace Convention Center)

  8. ⚡️INK⚡️

  9. All moved out of my studio. Five years painting in that room and I think my favorite painting I did ended up being the floor haha

  10. Tshirt worthy?

  11. 💀

  12. Winston definitely approves of my new piece :)

  13. Ink! #workinprogress

  14. Workin on a new piece at #agendavegas show @agendashow

  15. Walking the floor at agenda!